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Be Smart Start Small

You don't have to start with a big expensive system.


Here at MP Solar we encourage our customers to start small with back up or small hybrid system, learn to live greener & smarter with the guidance of our friendly solar guys and then assess the true need of our your household.

This means the you are not over spending on a system that's to big and wasting/not using all the energy generated by the system.

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Go Green

'going green'

With increasing pressure from the Government and society for greener business, ‘going green’ has now become essential to differentiate your business in the market and to remain competitive. Whilst reducing your carbon emissions is a credible practice to offset the environmental impact of your company’s operations, the reasons and benefits of going green are much more diverse.

Go Save

Less is More

Energy is the largest overhead expenditure for most businesses and with a well-planned energy management solution you can significantly reduce this cost – typically by a five-digit figure every year – and have the ability to forecast more accurately over the long term

Go Zero

Black Outs

It’s an unsettling reality that the National Grid has insufficient generation capacity to comfortably meet the rising energy demands of the country. With priority given to homes, businesses will certainly be hit with ‘black outs’ during periods of low supply, leaving your company to consider the cost of going offline against the ability to be self-sufficient by generating your own electricity onsite


That’s where we can help! We can provide free quotes and have expert solar installers discuss and recommend systems for your property. Costs will vary, depending on your individual needs, but we’ll help you get the quotes you need to determine what kind of solar power system you can build to fit your budget and needs




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